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Perfect windows for decades to come.

Some claim that one needs to go through two homes or apartments before designing one exactly as we like it. Only then have we enough experience to not repeat the same mistakes or follow the latest fads. Why? Because at that point we know best what exactly we need to feel at home.

We make mature choices, search wisely and invest more prudently. We know how to take care of what is the most important in our lives – a safe home full of warmth and harmony.

Smartline+</br><b>Perfect windows for decades to come.</b>
Smartline+</br><b>Perfect windows for decades to come.</b>


  • Versatility: With an installation depth of 80 mm, Smartline+ window systems are particularly well suited for use during renovations.
  • Design: Classic or round design Smartline+ will meet any design requirements.
  • Comfort: With energy-efficient Smartline+ windows (UW up to 0.90 W/m2K) you take care of nature and save on heating costs at the same time.
  • Durability: Galvanized steel reinforcements provide maximum rigidity and stability, as well as excellent functionality.
  • Versatile variants: Customized window sizes and colors, as well as high-quality hardware, provide the highest degree of design freedom.
Smartline+ is a window range built with this moment in mind

Smartline+ is a window range built with this moment in mind

Smartline+ is a window range built with this moment in mind – for when you are building your dream home and finalising your life’s needs. That makes it a perfect choice for renovating existing homes. The key to smart investments
is to make them balanced and to take everything into account. To invest smart, you need to choose solutions that offer long-term efficiency and durability that will not let you down. And while going for excessive solutions might not be the best choice, neither is looking for savings anywhere you can.

Smartline+ windows are durable

Smartline+ windows are durable

Smartline+ windows are durable, easy to keep in great shape and maintenance- free. High-grade PVC ensures pristine color and weather-resistant gloss. The narrow premium profiles let in much more light than other offerings.
They are proven, robust designs with long warranties on critical components. All of this combined offers excellent thermal insulation, a high level of security and durable insulation from external conditions, as well as a new range of sound-absorbing glass. All the advantages – for years to come.

Smartline+ window structure

1. High thermal insulation

5 chamber profiles in combination with glazing with excellent thermal properties guarantees high thermal insulation.

Smartline+ window structure

2. Customized design

Rounded or simple, flat profiles in combina- tion with a wide range of colors allow you to customize the windows according to your individual needs.

Smartline+ window structure

3. Even better rigidity and stability

Galvanized steel reinforcements with PVC profiles meet even the highest static requirements. profiles meet even the strictest static requirements.

Smartline+ window structure

4. Security

Two anti-theft points in standard equipment ensure high securiity, which can additionally be extended to the security class RC2.

Smartline+ window structure

5. HDF (High Definition Finishing) technology

Another advantage of the profiles is their surface finish using the HDF formula, which creates an exceptionally smooth and uniform surface with an exceptional gloss. It is insensitive to dirt, easy to maintain and clean.

Smartline+ facade windows – Dobroplast






Modern PVC windows guarantee excellent thermal insulation and energy efficiency.

They reduce the amount of heat lost and influence the amount of energy and heat consumption – effectively. They look after our finances.

Their high level of soundproofing protects you from Their high soundproofing level will protect you from external noise even in the heart of the city, while their high safety standards ensure the best protection against burglary risks.

Thermal insulation 1)

Uw up to 0.90 W/m2K

Acoustic insulation 2)

Rw value up to 44 dB

Resistance to wind loads

up to class C3/B5 in accordance with EN1221


up to class 9A, according to EN 12208

Air permeability

up to class 4, according to EN 12207


up to RC 2

  • single sash window (1.23 x 1.48 m)
  • according to EN 14351/1
Smartline+ Classic

Smartline+ Classic

flat sash

Smartline+ Elegance

Smartline+ Elegance

rounded sash

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Where to buy?

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