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Avantgarde 7000 facade windows

The Avantagarde 7000 system is based technically on the Avantagarde 9000 system and offers the same characteristics. Its faced window sash provides its enticing, timeless look. Combined glazing with Ug=0.6 W/m²K may be used, which significantly lower energy consumption costs. The snow white colour and the ability to select veneer colours improve aesthetic values of the product.

Avantgarde 7000 facade windows
Avantgarde 7000 facade windows


  • Flexibility
    Thanks to the installation depth of 70mm, the Avantgarde window system is particularly well suited for use during renovations.
  • Design
    The classic or round Avantgarde look meets any designer needs.
  • Convenience
    With Avantgarde (UW to 0.85 W/m²K) energy saving windows you take care of the environment, while saving on heating costs.
  • Durability
    Galvanised steel reinforcements ensure maximum rigidity and stability, as well as excellent functionality.
  • Flexible variants
    Individual window shapes and fittings ensure the highest design flexibility.

Convincing parameters

Thermal insulation
Uf to 1.3 W/m²K, Uw to 0.89 W/m²K
single-sash window (1.23 x 1.48 m) | depending on the frame and sash combination
Rw 42 dB (according to EN 14351/1)
Resistance to wind load
up to class C4/B4 according to EN 12210
Water tightness
up to class 8A according to EN 12208
Air penetration
up to class 4, according to EN 12207
Basic security, RC 1 N, RC 2 N, RC 2