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Aluminium door system Imperial 800

A three compartment door system with thermal insulation, intended for building doors with excellent insulation parameters. It is compatible with the Imperial system – adaptation profiles enable the IP800 series design to be installed with Imperial front windows. This system is characterised by excellent anti-break-in properties (the lock is located far away from the outside).

Aluminium door system Imperial 800
Aluminium door system Imperial 800
Main features:

Main features:

  • A thermally insulated threshold may be installed and removed once the door is installed in the opening.
  • The system is provided with an anti-finger crushing solution.
  • Available as two options: IP800i, IP800i+.
    improved insulation was achieved thanks to special thermal pads inserted between thermal inserts and around the glazing; this solution improves insulation of the cross-section by 0.2 – 0.5 W/m²K
  • A wide range of available colours – the RAL palette, structural colours, wood-like colours Aliplast Wood Colour Effect, anode, bicolor.

Door system Imperial 800

Aluminium / polyamide
Frame depth
65 mm
Sash depth
74 mm
Glazing depth
4-51 mm
Window type
Single, double sash, opening outside, opening inside, panic type
Thermal insulation UF
Uf from 1,6 W/m²K
Air penetration
Class 4; PN-EN 12207
Wind load
2400Pa; PN-EN 12210
Water tightness
Class 8A; PN-EN12208
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