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Skylight roof windows

Skylight roof windows are distinguished mainly by their attractive, light design with straight lines.

Skylight roof windows


  • Pleasant atmosphere at home – guarantees optimal access of daylight to the rooms, the four seal system guarantees excellent window tightness.
  • Long life – aesthetic, PVC resistant to ageing, damp and temperature changes, ideally suite for use in any room at home, steel reinforcements inside the profile improve the static properties of the entire structure.
  • Design – maintenance-free.
  • Functionality – an elevated window rotation axis and a handle installed at the bottom of the window facilitate use and increase space inside the room.

Convincing parameters

Thermal insulation
Uw = 1,4 W/m²K
Heat transfer coefficient
Ug = 1,1 W/m²K
Distance frame
Gas filling
Air penetration
class 3
Water tightness
class E1050
Wind load resistance
class C3

Sheet and sealing flange colours

RAL 7043

RAL 7043

RAL 8019

RAL 8019