Balcony and sliding doors

Lift & slide door P-line HST

A maximum amount of daylight will take you into a new dimension of living and life. Due to the vast glazing area, you will feel as if you live in the middle of the space surrounding you – be it a green garden or a pulsating metropolis. A wide range of design options diversifies the modern architecture.

Lift & slide door P-line HST
Attractive advantages:

Attractive advantages:

  • Form and function: Illuminated rooms and solar energy supply due to very slim frames.
  • Comfortable use: Due to the high-quality fittings closing and opening is so simple that even a child can handle it.
  • No barriers: Low aluminium sills in the standard version and optional barrier-free version.

Strong values

Heat penetration coefficient 1)
Uf 1.2 W/m² K (for the frame) to 0.74 W/m² K
Protection from noise 1)
Rw up to 45 dB
Wind resistance
C2/B2 3) and C1/B2 4) acc. to EN 12210
for the scheme C (5.184 x 2.731 m)
for the scheme A (6.064 x 2.731 m)
Water tightness 2)
up to the class 9A acc. to EN 12208
Air penetration rate 2)
up to class 4 acc. to EN 12207
scheme A (2.66 x 2.75 m)
Basic safety measures
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