External roller blinds

External roller blinds
SKT Opoterm – top mounted

The SKT OPOTERM external roller blinds system is characterised by attractive designs and high comfort of use. Intended both for new and renovated buildings.

External roller blinds <br/> SKT Opoterm – top mounted
External roller blinds <br/> SKT Opoterm – top mounted


  • The innovative system of external, top mounted SKT OPOTERM roller blinds is both modern and flexible.
  • Roller blinds of the top mounted SKT OPOTERM system are intended for use in new buildings and as a part of upgrades of existing buildings. The system offers the maximum design freedom to architects, planners and developers.
  • An integrated mosquito net is available on request, providing efficient insect protection. The mosquito net may be operated independently of the external roller blind.
  • PA profiles – filled with polyurethane foam or PT – plastic profiles may be used with the Opoterm system. The PA profile is available in a wide variety of colours, similar to the RAL palette. The PT profile is available in three colours.
  • The internal insulation of boxes provides excellent thermal insulation, largely decreasing heating costs in the winter and protecting against excessive heat inside the interior during summer. The external roller system is an optimal support for thermal insulation properties of the window and of the entire facade.
  • Available actuators and accessories: lanyard or string winding mechanism; crank winder for lanyards or strings – crank bar; electric actuator; button and key switches – clock switch; remote controls

PA - polyurethane-filled aluminium profile | PT - PVC profile

Roller blind profile
Polyurethane-filled aluminium profile or PVC profiles
Roller blind profile dimensions
(height in mm)
Standard profile: PA 39
Other available sizes: PA 40 | PA 43 | PA 52 | PT 37
Roller blind profile dimensions
(thickness in mm)
| 9 | 8,7 | 8,8 | 13 | 8 |
Roller blind profile surface
Double-coated (PU/PA system) or plastic coating
Profile colours
According to the available colour palette
Box and guiding rail colours
The box and guiding rails are coated with a decorative film (except: 02 white, 08 dark brown)
A strip winding mechanism (standard) or a string / crank winding mechanism / cranks / electric actuators with or without timer / remote control / installation connector and key switch
Mosquito net
May be installed
New buildings and renovation
Heat transfer coefficient
Down to 0.52 W/m²K
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Where to buy?

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