External roller blinds

Flush-mounted external roller blinds

Flush-mounted external roller blind systems are virtually invisible and perfectly integrated with the building facade. Intended for use in new buildings, but also in existing ones.

Flush-mounted external roller blinds
Flush-mounted external roller blinds


  • SP and SP-E roller blind systems match the building facade while remaining truly invisible. Thus, the building retains its original look.
  • All elements of the system, such as e.g. the revision cover and guiding rails may be matched to the window colour.
  • External roller blind profiles are made of top quality aluminium profiles. The profiles are filled with foam, ensuring excellent thermal insulation and soundproofing.
  • Extruded profiles of external roller blinds are highly resistant to friction, weather conditions and are characterised by their long life. They are available in all colours of the RAL palette.
  • The SP and SP-E systems do not interfere with neighbouring window or door structures. They are fully integrated with the building facade, thus ensuring the optimal energy balance of the building.
  • Available actuators and accessories: lanyard or string winding mechanism; crank winder for lanyards or strings – crank bar; electric actuator; button and key switches – clock switch; remote controls

PA - polyurethane-filled aluminium profile | PT - PVC profile

Roller blind profile
Polyurethane-filled aluminium profile or PVC profile (PT)
Roller blind profile dimensions
(height in mm)
PA 37 | PA 39 | PA 40 | PA 45 | PA 52 | PA 55 | PT 37 | PT 52
Roller blind profile dimensions
(width in mm)
8,5 | 9 | 8,7 | 9 | 13 | 14 | 8 | 14
Roller blind profile surface
Double-coated (PU/PA system) or plastic coating
According to the colour palette / non-standard colours available on request - all RAL palette colours are available
A crank winding mechanism for a string / tape / cranks / electric actuators with or without timer / remote control / installation connector and key switch
Mosquito net
New buildings
Heat transfer coefficient
Down to 0.54 W/m²K
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