Facade windows

Encore facade windows

The novel ENCORE system with thermal pads offers perfect thermal insulation properties. It was created with the best protection of your home and the maximum possible reduction of energy losses in mind. ENCORE system windows are dedicated, first and foremost, for energy saving and passive buildings. The combination of excellent thermal parameters with the attractive price makes the ENCORE windows an choice without compromise.

Encore facade windows
Encore facade windows


  • Pleasant atmosphere at home
    Special compartments with extra thermal pads ensure the highest values of thermal insulation parameters and ensure cosy mood.
  • Look
    Classic, non-faced look of the windows.
  • Long life
    Thanks to the material resistant to weather conditions and the high quality fittings you will be able to enjoy the windows for years to come.
  • Maintenance-free and easy to clean
    Smooth surfaces are pleasant to clean and do not require frequent maintenance.

Encore window structure

1. Design

Non-faced, classic shape grant the windows a classic, timeless look.

Encore window structure

2. Thermal insulation

Energy savings thanks to additional thermal pads.

Encore window structure

3. High tightness levels

Two circumferential seals made of high quality, flexible EPDM guarantee reliabile protection against draughts and damp despite the passage of time.

Encore window structure

4. Even better rigidity and stability

Galvanized steel reinforcing elements screwed together with PVC profiles meet even the strictest static requirements.

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Convincing parameters

Thermal insulation
Uf to 1,0 W/m²K, Uw to 0,76 W/m²K
single-sash window (1.23 x 1.48 m) | depending on the frame and sash combination
Rw up to 34 dB (according to EN 14351/1)
Resistance to wind load
up to class C4 according to EN 1221
Water tightness
up to class 5A according to EN 12208
Air penetration
up to class 4, according to EN 12207
Where to buy?

Where to buy?

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