Facade window accessories

Dobroplast offers a wide array of accessories for facade windows, allowing you to adapt the windows to your own needs and aesthetic preferences.

Facade window accessories


The wide product selection guarantees that you will find a window handle completely matching your optical, tactile and technical dreams. A correctly selected handle allows effortless opening and closing of windows or balcony doors.

Air inlets

New, warm windows not only mean heating savings, but also make your stay inside more pleasant, as no cold air penetrates inside through cracks and joints. Thus, correct ventilation becomes even more important as it allows damp to leave the rooms. In some situations, regular ventilation may not be enough. Windows with integrated air inlets are a good solution then.


Hygro-controlled air inlets

open automatically when humidity in the room rises.

Simple and efficient

Aesthetic design choices and reliability are the most important characteristics of this EMM air inlet. Combined with the acoustic hood, it provides soundproofing down to 37 dB.

  • Controlled by air humidity: Adapts the amount of air let in to its humidity in the rooms.
  • Soundproofing down to 37 dB.
  • Easy cleaning: no need to calibrate, cleaning once a year.
  • Lever setting the air flow rate.

Pressure-controller air inlets

open automatically if pressure difference between the interior and the exterior of the room is present.

Continuous fresh air flow

Pressure-controller air inlets are used in order to provide a constant amount of fresh air flow to the rooms. Ventair air inlets are provided with an automatic flow rate regulator reacting to pressure changes. They also allow the air flow rate to be set manually and locked at a specific level.

  • Stable air flow.
  • Automatic control stabilises the air flow rate efficiency.
  • Protects against excessively intense air exchange at low temperatures or during winds.
  • Guarantees comfort and pleasant climate in rooms, at the same time decreasing heating costs.

Keyway air inlets

self-regulated window air inlets, effortlessly installed in already placed windows. At high winds, the air inlet automatically decreases the excessive air flow rate.

Regel-air® keyway air inlets Controlled air exchange and efficient drying

REGEL-air® is an automatic keyway air inlet made of PVC with an automatic air flow limiter, protecting against mould growth inside rooms. Air pressure difference is used to exchange air and provide fresh air to the rooms. At high winds, flaps of the air inlet block the excessive air flow. REGEL-air® may be installed in already placed windows.

Ornamental glazing

Some rooms require privacy and free daylight access at the same time. Ornamental glazing protects against curious gazes, at the same time letting daylight into the room. We offer different variants with different transparencies.


A wide range of sprosses adapting the look to individual needs. Design your own windows! Different widths, colours and layout of sprosses offer truly limitless possibilities.


Studies show that burglars very quickly change their targets if the window cannot be forced using simple tools, within several seconds.



  • 4 octagonal locking bolts, forming so called safe points in the window (Anti-break-in catch + octagonal mushroom).
  • Plate protecting the handle from drilling.
  • Handle with key (100Nm).
  • provided with 2 anti-break-in points as a standard, the protective system extend the break-in time for the burglar to 60 sec.


  • Octagonal locking bolts around the entire window circumference.
  • Plate protecting the handle from drilling.
  • Handle with key (100Nm).
  • A burglar will not be able to break in within 3 minutes.
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