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Sealing flanges

Sealing flanges are an integral part of a roof window correctly installed within the roof surface. They protect and seal against weather conditions, ensuring rainfall water melting snow discharge, they also protect from wind.

Sealing flanges


The flanges are made of aluminium sheet, similar to window sheet, in the 3105 H42 class and in standard RAL 8019 and RAL 7043 colours. The innovative connection to the frame is an important advantage of sealing flanges for SKYLIGHT and SKYLIGHT PREMIUM window roofs. Thanks to the placement of the top edge of the flange in a special groove in the frame and the seal covering the joint, we completely eliminate any possibility of water leaks.

SKYLIGHT PREMIUM and SKYLIGHT roof windows are available with the following flange types:

F – flange for wavy roofings (e.g. ceramic tiles, metal tiles),
P – flange for flat roofings (e.g. roof shingles),
M – modular;

MP – modular for flat roofings,

MF – modular for wavy roofings*,
K – elbow flange (for connections between a roof window and a facade window).
Shell flange (also available for flat metal tiles)
Flange for flat roofs
Flange for panel sheets

* Special flanges enable window installation in a row or one on top of the other.